Thursday, 24 June 2010


This recipe is not for the fickle palate. An acquired taste, cheonggukjang is a soup made primarily out of heavily fermented soy beans. For those that do like this stinky soup, it is an absolute favorite in the Korean repertoire. I personally eat this dish once or twice a week, however I do not cook it too often at home as we have a specialist restaurant across the street that serves an amazing version of this awesome soup.

What you need:

Cheonggukjang (1 small package)- You will need to get this from a Korean grocer. It comes in a small round package resembling ground beef.

Kimchi (a big handful, cut up)- In most large cities this should not be hard to find. In Korea is available from everywhere (including your neighbours, students, coworkers etc.)

Onions (small handful chopped how you want)

Garlic (around 3 cloves, diced)

A few hot peppers (diced, depending on how how you like it)

Salt, Soy sauce and Pepper to taste

Korean chili flakes (medium handful)

Some Tofu if you want and green onions

What to do:

In a pot at medium heat, put the onion in and let it brown, toss the garlic in and wait a bit. Toss in the Kimchi and the cheonggukjang and mix well making sure the cheonggukjang is coming apart. Toss in the chili flakes and a splash of soy sauce. Turn the heat up and add a bunch of water, add it bit by bit, the goal is to create a thick and hearty soup. Add the Tofu and chopped up green onions. Let it simmer for 4-5 mins and you are done!

As is the case for most korean soups they are quick, simple and can be served with any variety of other food. This dish in normally enjoyed on rice with many side dishes.

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