Monday, 21 June 2010

How to Order Veggie Food in Korean

Alright so a friend has requested I do up a Japchae recipe. You will find this here tomorrow, but in the meantime I am going to list some phrases that can be used in Korea to ensure you are not accidentally ordering meat in your food.

First off I will note the most common and least successful phrase:

Chae shik ju ayo - Vegetarian style or I am vegetarian. (I find most Koreans outside of Seoul do not understand this phrase at all)

_______________ an mogo is very well understood (I don't eat ______)

Fill in the blank with 'Kogi' (meat) Haemul (seafood) Ou You (milk) Cheje (cheese) Gyal (egg)

Also you can order a traditionally meat dish my listing one or all of the above words and the simply saying 'pego' behind it:

'Bibimbap Kogi pego Jusayo'

The grammar is not perfect, but the point is communicated without any added complication.

I hope you found this helpful. Check tomorrow for a Traditional and a western fusion version of the classic Korean Japchae.

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